How do I get in touch with you?
As an ambassador, you can contact us through your Community Manager. Their contact details are on your dashboard when you log in.

What happens if I can't sell all the tickets issued to me?
No problem at all - there's no commitment on your part. You wouldn't owe anyone anything. Obviously, you would need to sell your allocation in order to get your free ticket or reward though. 

When can I begin selling? 
You can begin to sell as soon as your Community Manager has issued you tickets to sell. If you want to start promoting urgently you can contact your Community Manager. Their mobile number is available on your dashboard.

How do I request to promote an event?
Click on the Events page. There you can browse current events and request tickets for them. Your Community Manager will be notified of your request and they will give you a call as soon as possible to explain how everything works. Then they will allocate you tickets to sell. Please make sure your mobile number is correct on your profile so we can get hold of you ;)

How do I see what I have available to sell? 
Click on the My Tickets tab. There you can see how many items you have available to sell. You can also see items that you have provisionally sold, but which are awaiting payment from your buyer.

How can I see what I have sold?
Click on the My Sales tab to see your sales history.

How do I make a sale?
Click on the Make Sale tab. There are then 3 simple steps to follow. · Select card payment · Select the product and quantity the customer wishes to purchase. · Fill in the customer’s details they will then receive an email with a payment link.

How and when do I receive my free tickets?

Once you have sold the required amount to earn yourself a free ticket, your Community Manager will gift you a ticket. You will then need to add dispatch details of the person attending who will then be sent a confirmation email.

Can I give my free ticket to my friend?
Yes, you can add the dispatch details of a friend and they will receive the confirmation email and real ticket.

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